How can Oamaru Stone be used?

Oamaru Stone will maintain its natural look and beauty for future generations
to enjoy.


Oamaru Stone brings a new dimension to interiors. Whether you choose Oamaru Stone for a fire surround or a feature wall, watch your room come alive.


While Oamaru Stone is usually cut to standard, cost effective sizes. It can be cut to almost any size required, making it a popular choice of cladding for residential and commercial buildings.
Oamaru Stone is natural so it easily blends with other materials.


Many years ago architects and craftsmen used limestone to build splendid banks, churches and houses. These days Oamaru Stone is still being used by architects on many prominent buildings around all parts of New Zealand.


Oamaru Stone is a great choice for your landscaping requirements. For garden walls, columns or garden edging, Oamaru Stone gives character and atmosphere.


Artists have been creating in stone for hundreds of years and today is still the chosen medium of many. Oamaru Stone is available to sculptors and can be cut to required specifications.

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