There is a collective perception in New Zealand that Oamaru Stone is uneconomic when it comes to exterior cladding options. To put this perception to rest we did a little investigating ourselves to see if there is any truth to this, as it turns out nothing could be further from the truth.

The cost of the average NZ brick starts at around $1.60 per brick (or $78/m2) at the lower end of the spectrum, and can range all the way up to a heady $4.99 each ($99/m2)! Timber cladding is more expensive again, beginning at around $140/m2 for your basic Pinus Radiata, all the way up to $300/m2 for exotic species such as Cedar. Plaster facades are also fairly pricey, ranging from $120/m2 to $200/m2, and Colorsteel comes in at $200/m2 for a standard profile and a whopping $400/m2 for the admittedly very attractive tray profile that modern architects are so fond of.

Oamaru Stone, with its unique aesthetic, does look expensive, but our exterior cladding options start from only $66/m2 making it, by quite a good margin, the cheapest natural stone cladding available in New Zealand.

How do I incorporate limestone into my new build?

Predominately used as an external cladding, Oamaru Stone is traditionally used against a timber frame on a rebated foundation in a 70 mm veneer, with a 90 mm option available.

Our most popular range is the 650 x 290 mm face size stone which will set you back just $66/m2, and of course you aren’t limited to wall cladding alone. Many of our customers have made the most of Oamaru Stone’s classical beauty by incorporating it into quoins (corner stones), sill stones, plinth courses – that’s the row of stone slabs at ground level around your house if you were wondering – and window and door facings. There are no hard and fast rules, it’s an incredibly versatile product.

Incorporating limestone in this way can really add a sense of grandeur to a new build, and there are some bespoke home builders around the country that have really taken the limestone look and run with it, using blocks with face sizes up to 1000 x 500 mm.

So I’ve ordered my stone, how do I get it here?

We have a number of options available depending on the quantity of stones ordered. Generally in the South Island we can get a house load of stone delivered for around $3,500 plus GST. Aucklanders can expect a delivery to cost around $7,500 plus GST.
By using rail, we could get approximately 22 tonne of stone to Auckland for around $3,900 plus GST, but it’s not always convenient to have your cladding arrive in a shipping container due to access issues. Give us your specific requirements and we can get back to you with a cost to deliver it pretty much anywhere in New Zealand.

Do I need a specialist installer for Oamaru Stone?

Installation costs range from $130/m2 to $250/m2, and we have a list of installers that we recommend if you’re not sure where to start. Qualified bricklayers are expert at what they do, and with some direction from us they will have no trouble installing our stone, it just requires attention to detail, a trait these specialists of the tradie world have in spades!

If you think you’d like to incorporate limestone into your next build, give Dustin a call on 03 4331134 or email and discover the versatility and timeless aesthetic of 100% natural Oamaru Stone.