Many of us think of exterior cladding when we talk about limestone, but Oamaru Stone can be incorporated into the interior of your home in any number of ways, some of which we may not even have thought of yet.

From stairs and balustrades, through to entranceways and feature walls, limestone’s soft matte texture and neutral colour palette makes it appear both earthy and expensive, evoking a feeling of warmth and calm that could only have come straight from mother nature.

Cheaper than marble but just as luxurious, limestone can make for a hardwearing and striking flooring material, especially in bathrooms and kitchen areas. Larger slabs evoke visions of a classic Tuscan villa, doors flung open to the sun, while smaller tiles can be used to create texture and interest, with natural colour variations that range from light grey and taupe through to ivory white. An added bonus is that limestone is naturally resistant to mould and bacteria as well as being easy to clean, requiring just the occasional wet mopping to keep it in tiptop condition.

As homeowners search for materials that are natural and sustainable, countertops and basins made of limestone are also growing in popularity. Limestone fixtures lend an organic, earthy quality to your bathroom that even concrete and marble can’t quite pull off, although it pays to bear in mind that all stone is porous, so it’s important you’re your limestone is sealed correctly during installation.

Oamaru Stone can also play a significant role in your kitchen in the form of benchtops, islands and splashbacks. Like any stone, lime can be cut into a myriad of shape and sizes, and our state of the art cutting tools can create super-light, thin tiles which can be glued directly onto the substrate, giving the illusion of a solid piece of stone. Easier on your builder’s biceps and significantly cheaper to freight!

Oamaru Stone Fireplace
Oamaru Stone Lighting

The most common use for interior limestone of course is for fireplace surrounds, where lime’s natural warmth come into its own. The world is your oyster when it comes to styles: modern, classical, ornate or streamlined, we can create a fireplace to match any interior.

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