Endless inspiration

Ōamaru Stone is a durable, easily maintained building material and sculpting stone medium. With its unique aesthetic, Ōamaru Stone adds a sense of grace and permanence to any architectural project.

We can create many sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and textures, all with unique colours and tones. We love creating custom stonework you may have been told isn’t possible with limestone!

We create external cladding, Internal feature walls, cornerstones, decorative moldings (e.g. window/door jambs), columns, balustrades and railings, landscaping (e.g. garden walls, edging, retaining walls), fireplaces, engraved date stones, sculpture, artwork. 

Is Ōamaru Stone cost competitive?

If you’re a homeowner embarking on a renovation, or an architect exploring new possibilities, our limestone products offer surprisingly competitive pricing against other alternatives.

installing Oamaru limestone blocks


If you need it, we can arrange cost-effective delivery nationwide, directly from our quarry. Today, with the popularity of thinner, lightweight limestone Slip for external cladding freight costs have been dramatically reduced, and in most cases, we can deliver an average house lot of cladding (Slip/Veneer/Block) within 4-6 weeks.

Arriving safe and sound

To guarantee the safety and integrity of your Oamaru stone, every piece is meticulously placed on custom-made pallets at our quarry, expertly wrapped, and tightly secured with straps. Each pallet weighs around 1400kg.