Ōamaru Stone
Pure, natural NZ limestone

Exceptional quality & versatility

Bring your vision to life with the elegance of Ōamaru Stone.

We can custom cut, carve and shape our architectural limestone to virtually any size, shape, and design. Ōamaru Stone limestone complements traditional and modern design beautifully – for exteriors, interiors, landscaping products, and custom stonework.

Superb quality & purity

Fine-grained with an even texture, the purity and high quality of Ōamaru Stone limestone is also due to a very high percentage of calcium carbonate (chemical analysis consistently 94-98%).

Each block of natural Ōamaru Stone is unique, with distinctive colours and tones only found in limestone from Parkside Quarry – our family-owned quarry in the Waitaki district of the South Island.

  • Kotakota – Ivory (creamy/whiter limestone)
  • Karamea – Caramel (denser, deeper coloured limestone)
  • Pākākā – Autumnal (highly coloured limestone: ochre, rust, copper tones)

Ivory/creamy/whiter limestone may also have stunning bronze or gold veining.

Endless inspiration

Ōamaru Stone is a durable, easily maintained building material and sculpting stone. With its timeless aesthetic, Ōamaru Stone adds a sense of grace and permanence to residential, commercial and public buildings, gardens and outdoor spaces.

With various stone face sizes, thicknesses, finishes, textures, unique colours and tones to choose from, Ōamaru Stone limestone can be used in a myriad of ways. We also thrive on creating custom stonework you may have been told isn’t possible with limestone!

Ōamaru Stone limestone products include (but are not limited to): External cladding, Internal feature walls, corner stones, decorative mouldings (e.g. window/door jambs), columns, balustrades and railings, landscaping (e.g. garden walls, edging, retaining walls), fireplaces, engraved date stones, sculpture, artwork.

Oamaru Stone heritage


How much does Ōamaru Stone cost?

Homeowners, architects and industry professionals who haven’t specified or worked with Ōamaru Stone before, are pleasantly surprised by the competitive pricing of our limestone products.

Ōamaru Stone also offers cost-effective delivery nationwide, direct from our family-owned quarry – New Zealand’s only specialist, commercial limestone quarry. 

The option of using thinner, lightweight limestone Slip for external cladding, has dramatically reduced freight costs. And in most cases, we can deliver an average house lot of cladding (Slip/Veneer/Block) within 4-6 weeks.

All stone is packaged on custom-made pallets at the quarry, securely wrapped and tightly strapped, ensuring readiness for efficient shipping. The typical weight per pallet is 1400kg.